Mediaflash 24: Storytelling & Unlocking Creativity


On Episode 24 of Mediaflash, we are joined by Sara Bennett of Fighting Words.

Co-founded by Seán Love and Roddy Doyle, Fighting Words is a creative writing centre for children and young people. It also offers programmes to adults with special needs and people who have experienced homelessness or prison.

The aim of Fighting Words is to make creative writing accessible to as many people as possible.

Sara talks us through what makes a compelling story and tells us how to make time for creative writing in our hectic lives.

She explains how the skills taught by Fighting Words can be applied to brand storytelling.

Also on this week’s programme, the award-winning MediaHQ blogging team sits down to reveal some of their blogging secrets and they share the five key ingredients needed to concoct the perfect post.

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Making Sense

Here is my radio documentary Making Sense. It explores the colourful world of synaesthesia, which is an unusual neurological condition that causes two or more senses to blend into one.

A big, big thank you to all the interviewees for giving me their time and sharing their stories.

  • ‘Data’ by Podington Bear
  • ‘Free Radicals’ by Podington Bear
  • ‘Cosmic Tingles’ by Lee Rosevere
  • ‘All is Found’ by Krakatoa
  • Alphabet album sample by Jared C Balogh
  • ‘Sweet Tender’ by Jared C Balogh

Too young to vote: #MarRef in the eyes of an LGBT teenager

There are thousands of LGBT people who didn’t have a say in Ireland’s same sex marriage referendum last Friday because they were too young to vote.

So what does this historic moment mean to them? I spoke to my youngest brother Cathal moments after the final tally was announced. Here’s what he had to say.

Music by Podington Bear via Creative Commons.