5 PR myths – busted!

Pr myths busted

Everybody in the communications game knows not to believe everything they hear, so MediaHQ.com decided to debunk five PR myths.

There are plenty of misconceptions in the PR industry that clients sometimes believe to be facts.

We pick through a handful of the biggest myths that PR pros have to confront:

1. There is such a thing as guaranteed coverage

Axed stories are a reality of the newsroom, and if a pitch isn’t newsworthy, then an editor won’t run it.

Just because a PR pro has a good relationship with an particular journalist doesn’t mean they can influence their editorial decisions.

PR requires extensive networking, but the relationships that are built are strictly professional, and PR pros must always respect a journalist’s integrity.

It is counter-productive to bombard journalists with pitches that are self-promotional and that don’t stand up as good stories on their own. Quality content will always trump connections.

2.  It’s all about the press release

Press releases are a tool for PR pros to use to help deliver their client’s message to the media. They are helpful for summarising company announcements, but they are just one piece of the machine.

Share your story on as many platforms as possible: Post it to the company blog, share it via social media and think about the best approach to communicating your message through each medium.

Press releases are much more effective if PR pros tailor their strategy to target influential journalists that are relevant to a particular story.

MediaHQ.com has built a tool that allows you to identify and target the right people in our database of over 7,500 journalists.

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3. PR drives sales

PR is about reputation management, and helps develop a call-to-action that can lead to a sale, but a PR strategy cannot replace a sales strategy.

The two work in tandem: PR creates brand awareness, which a sales team can draw on when they approach potential leads.

4. PR pros don’t understand the news

One of the great skills required to become a PR pro master is the ability to think like a journalist – to develop a nose for news and know what makes a good story.

In fact, many working in PR are former hacks and have jumped the journalism ship themselves. They have a deep understanding of the culture of a newsroom, which they share with their colleagues.

5. All news is good news

A cliché as well as a myth: No PR pro wants to find themselves caught up in the depths of a PR crisis. Unfortunately, it does happen. Instead of taking a backseat and being satisfied that at least your client is getting some coverage, learn how to solve a PR crisis under pressure.

What is the biggest PR myth you would like to see busted? Tweet us @mediahqnews.

This article first appeared on MediaHQ.com.

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