Ideas from the dark side

Julia Libiseller brings light and darkness to the Forum with her latest animation that premiered at the opening ceremony on Wednesday. Conor McMahon finds out more.

Tyroleans ask each other one question: Were you born on the sunny side of the mountains or in the shadows? The answer says something about their perspective on life.

Artist Julia Libiseller was born in the shadows of the Tyrolean mountains and used her upbringing as the inspiration for the short animation, In the Light or in the Shadows, commissioned by the European Forum Alpbach.

Using a playful stop motion technique, Ms Libiseller’s film explores the notion that those living in the light do not always understand what it is like to live in the shadows, an idea that fits well with the inequality theme of this year’s forum.

“What can you see if you stand in the light?” Ms Libiseller said. “You don’t see much in the shadow.

“Art should make people think about life. I don’t have the answers. I just wanted to start the conversation.”

Ms Libiseller was inspired by the topics covered in this year’s seminars and used them to shape the script.

“I tried to pick some of the main subjects and look at little scenes through light and shadow.”

Ms Libiseller believes that we need both light and darkness in life. “I wanted to show that the darkness can also have its good sides.”

How is this communicated in the film?

I hope you will get it from what you see,” she said. “I think you have to watch and everybody will see other things in the little scenes.”

You are invited to decide the meaning of the film yourself — watch below.

“In the Light or in the Shadows” by Julia Libiseller | European Forum Alpbach 2015 from European Forum Alpbach on Vimeo.

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